Holidays in Egypt To Discover The History

ben ezra synagogue

Egypt is a beautiful Country that full of many through many beautiful monuments and fantastic beach, you have to try wonderful Holidays in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours that helps you to enjoy beautiful vacations through many Egypt Packages, you have the opportunity to select the package of your Holiday through many parts. with us you have the chance to have a special tour for feel relaxation Holidays through Red Sea Tours or Select your historical package through our Egypt Classical Tours, moreover, you can try selecting your Package through our Short Tours, Budget Tours, Holy Land Tours, Golf Tours and Egypt and Jordan Tours.
Try to have best honeymoon and mix between romantic and historical vacations, you have the chance to visit Cairo sightseeing like Giza pyramids and the Egyptian museum, also you can prepare yourself to spend a great time while exploring Luxor and Aswan attractions, feast your eyes in Karnak Temple of Amoun and amuse yourself with Philae temple and the High dam in Aswan, moreover in Holidays in Egypt you have the chance to visit Nubia and have beautiful Nubian wedding (Zaffa) that you can live different atmosphere and dance with the Egyptian music, you can also have best romantic tour with your partner to Sharm el sheikh and enjoy relaxation in the beaches and build unforgettable memory with the beautiful view of the crystal and blue water of the red sea, furthermore you can enjoy with the best activities like snorkeling, diving and swimming to see the beauty of the Red Sea landscapes and coral reefs.
Don’t waste your time in searching for best Holidays to Egypt, we have the best tours for you to spend a memorable time, you have to try our Holidays in Egyptthrough many Packages in Egypt Classic Tours you have the chance to explore most historical Sites in Egypt, enjoy Cairo sightseeing like the most famous pyramids of Giza where you can gain wonderful knowledge about the history of the Pyramids. After that, you have the chance to move to the great Egyptian Museum which contains many masterpieces that belong to Pharaoh, Greek, Roman, Coptic and Islamic Period. Furthermore, you have the chance to explore Luxor and Aswanattractions through beautiful Nile Cruise which contain wonderful Egypt Trips, you can explore Luxor through your visit Karnak Temple which Contains about 10 Pylons and The royal Necropolis of New Kingdom Kings the Valley of the Kings. You can Enjoy Sailing to Edfu Temple that considers the second huge temple after Karnak temple, then continue sailing to Kom Ombo to visit Kom Ombo Temple of Sobek and Hours the elder. Through our Egypt Trips, you can have by AswanAttractions Such as The Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut temple, also visit The great High Dam that built to Protect Egypt from Flood and drought.
Enjoy best tours in Egypt inside peace and have wonderful Holidays in Egypt to explore Sacred Places through Egypt Holy Land packages, you have the chance to explore Monastery, Churchs, and Mosques. enjoy Egypt holidays that you can explore Cairo through a beautiful trip to explore Cairo Mosques like Ahmed Ibn Tolon, El Hussein, and El Sayda Zeinab, moreover, you have to try best Christian Tours in Cairo to visit Ibn Serga Church, The Hanging Churchs, and Ben Ezra Synagogue, Try best Alexandria Tours where you have the opportunity to Visit El-Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque and Lukman El Hakeem Mosque, furthermore you have to try Egypt Packages, also you have the Chance to explore St. Catherine Monastery in South of Sinai where you have the Chance to enter to The Skulls Room that Contains the bones of The Priests who Served inside the Monastery. Also through your holy land vacations, you have the chance to explore best tours in Egypt to explore historical places. Also, you have to explore Holy Land Tours in Jordan to discover Mount Nebo where they had believed that Moses was buried on the Holy Mountain.

There are many Types through Holidays in Egypt Such as:

  • Egypt Honeymoon Packages
  • Spiritual Tours To Egypt
  • Red Sea Tours
  • Egypt Golf Packages
  • Egypt Budget Tours
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours

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