Great Holidays in Egypt

Karnak Temple 5


Find the real joy with our Holidays in Egypt and discover our various packages to spend an unforgettable vacation, try our Meditation Tours and amuse your soul with this amazing experience, Or you can take a tour around all the historical places to explore the greatness of the Egyptian ancient History with our classical tours, and if you’re an adventurer try our desert safari Tours and explore the real meaning of excitement.

Start your Meditation Tour with Our Holidays in Egypt visiting the Step Pyramid of Sakkara and Dahshur Pyramid, after that visit Red and Bent Pyramid belongs to King Sneferu, continuing to the step Pyramid of Sakkara,  discover the healing energies of the ancient which is still active at Sakkara, explore Unas Pyramid as it displays all the energy device, visiting  after that the Serapeum, subterranean complex as it was an integral part of a huge energy device, moving after that to Luxor where you can visit Karnak temple, then move towards Luxor Temple, it is connected to the third chakra, Luxor Temple which describe the human body structure combined with the centers of its energy, you can head after that to  Seti I Temple which is Known as Abydos Temple, was constructed by the King, The Pharaohs believed that the god of underworld buried at Abydos Temple, then move towards Dendara Temple known as The Temple of Hathor, as Hathor was  known as the Goddess for Love and joy.

Join our Classic Tours and have the chance to see some of the greatest historical places in the world, Holidays in Egypt will escort you in a tour to discover the greatness of the Ancient Egyptian civilization, visit Cairo to discover the Great Pyramids of Giza named by the Three Kings CheopsChephren and Mykerinus, move after that to Panorama area to have a fabulous photos to keep these beautiful memories, head after that to The great sphinx which is a great statue combines a Human head with a lions body, after that you can visit the Egyptian museum, one of the largest museums in the world, moving to Alexandria enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, and discover a different type of culture  Catacomb of Kom El-Shokafa, moving to Qaitbay citadel, explore one of the greatest libraries in the world Alexandria library, after that you can amuse your eyes watching Roman amphitheatre, try to pass by Montazah Palace before leaving.

Have a new adventure with our Safari Desert Tours, our Holidays in Egypt will escort you to reveal the secrets of the Bahariya Oasis discover Alexander the great Temple, the nobles Tombs, the Museum of the Golden Mummies, heading after that to to Ain El-Mephtella. Moving after that to the Black Desert where you’ll visit the crystal mountain, also the desert roses and the arch, moving to the White Desert to explore the formations, the wind carved sculptures that sympathize both human and animal faces, Continuing to discover the formations that resemble the surface of a different planet.


There are many types through Holidays in Egypt like:

  • Red Sea Vacations
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours
  • Spiritual Tours To Egypt
  • Egypt Holy Land Tours
  • Cheap Holidays To Egypt
  • Egypt Classic Tours

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Nawal Abd El Rahman

Ibis Egypt Tours


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