Places To Visit In Holidays In Egypt

9305475 saqqare djosers step pyramid

Amuse yourself and Come to Egypt to explore many amazing attractions and activities just with Ibis Egypt Tours, in best Holidays in Egypt you have the chance to explore many wonderful Egypt Tour Packages, have more information and culture, also you have to know more about Egyptian Life in best Egypt Classic tours and enjoy Red Sea tours that you have the Opportunity to enjoy beautiful Pure Life full of beauty and nature, feast your eyes with great Holy Land Packages, Also you have the opportunity to enjoy our Golf Packages, have best Egypt Short Tours, also spent beautiful Egypt Honeymoon tours.

Spend a great time while your tour to Egypt and Prepare yourself to explore the culture of Pharaoh in best Egypt Classic Tours, explore Cairo Sightseeing, watch one of the ancient Seven wonders of the world Giza Pyramids the massive royal tombs of King (Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus), don’t miss the opportunity to explore the Step Pyramid of King Djoser which consist of 6 Steps, Visit Memphis City that consider the ancient Egyptian Capital that was founded by the pharaoh Menes as Capital of Egypt during the Old Kingdom. In Holidays in Egypt Try to have another adventure to explore The Famous Egyptian Museum where you can watch Tutankhamun Treasures, collection of Akhenaten, visit Mummies room and wonderful Sphinx Statues for queen Hatshepsut, also you have to explore the Mosque of Mohamed Ali which known as (The Alabaster Mosque), feast your eyes with watching amazing central dome which is 21m in diameter that surrounded by four small and four semicircular domes. Also you have the chance to explore to Salah El Din Citadel in Cairo which founded by Salah El Dein.

Prepare yourself to spend your honeymoon and take a tour for unforgettable Honeymoon Enjoy best Egypt Travel through wonderful historical Holidays in Egypt in the Red sea, enjoy beautiful honeymoon package of Egypt with your lover and visit Cairo, you can build a wonderful memory about Giza Pyramids of “Cheops , Chephrenand Mykerinus” which was Royal tombs in The Old Kingdom, after that explore the Egyptian Museum that contains more than 120.000 masterpiece. In Sharm El Sheikh you can have an amazing time for Fun in magical beaches of Sharm El Sheikh with crystal blue water, watch Sun rays and wonderful weather in sunny and sandy beaches.

Have beautiful tours and Come the Land of the history, take a break and try Holidays in Egypt with amazing Egypt Short breaks, explore Cairo and (The Bride of Mediterranean Sea) Alexandria. Also enjoy wonderful Egypt Tours to explore Cairo sightseeing, you have the chance to Scout to Giza Pyramids which back to The Old Kingdom, explore the great Egyptian art in the Egyptian museum through many valuable masterpieces, walk between galleries of the museum, move to Alexandria and amuse your lungs with fresh air of Alexandria, try to visit Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa that was necropolis in Roman period, moreover you have the chance to discover Quitbay Citadel which date back to Mamluke era, explore the most important culture in Egypt Alexandria Library which is The library was created by Ptolemy I Soter, who was a Macedonian general and the successor of Alexander the Great.
There are many Types through Holidays in Egypt Such as

  • Egypt Classic Tours
  • Egypt Desert Safari
  • Egypt And Jordan Tours
  • Egypt Budget Tours
  • Spiritual Tours To Egypt
  • Red Sea Tours

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