Luxor Nile Cruise

Luxor Nile Cruise
Luxor Nile Cruise
    Back to history and enjoy Fantastic Luxor Nile Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours , you will Spend amazing and wonderful River Nile Cruise to refresh your mind with beauty and Culture of Egypt in wonderful Sailing Via the great Nile river between Luxor and Aswan to explore valuable monuments dates to different Periods in Luxor east and west bank , Edfu , Kom Ombo and Aswan  , With Luxor Aswan Cruise you will fill your eyes with amazing green banks of the Nile with Sun and The blue water and more with Ibis Egypt Tours .
Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple

Its your Chance to enjoy amazing and wonderful Nile cruise Tours to explore Luxor Sightseeing through Luxor and Aswan Cruise , explore Luxor attractions in East and west bank , explore attractions of The East bank like Luxor Temple that dedicated to triad of Thebes where you have the chance to explore the wonderful Pylon of the temple that dates to the New Kingdom and belongs to King Ramses II , also you have the Opportunity to explore the Sitting Statues of King Ramses II , the wonderful obelisk and Colonnade of Amenhotep III and more through your tour to Luxor Temple . Scout to Karnak Temple the amazing Temple that contains about 10 Pylons and wonderful Hypostyle Hall Contains 134 Column then discover West bank attractions like Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahari where you will See amazing and wonderful reliefs for the famous journey of the queen to Punt ,then you have the Chance to enjoy amazing and wonderful tour to The Valley of the Kings where you have the Chance to explore this royal necropolis of The New Kingdom that Contains decoration tombs for Kings of the New Kingdom .

Kom Ombo Temple
Kom Ombo Temple

Be ready for many Surprises with Ibis Egypt Tours with amazing and wonderful Sailing to Edfu through Luxor Nile Cruise which Offers you the Opportunity to explore the second huge temple
( Edfu Temple ) that dedicated to Hours the Falcon god and amuse your ears with listening to  amazing and wonderful myth about Hours and his Uncle Seth the god of the Evil , then Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo Temple that dedicated to two gods Hours and Sobek and has amazing and wonderful design then you will have wonderful time through Aswan Tours to explore The Roman Temple that relocated in its Current Location ( Aglika Island ) then explore The Unfinished Obelisk of Queen Hatshepsut which dates to The New Kingdom then explore The High Dam that Protects Egypt from Flood and drought and Consider as an important Source for electricity  and amazing attractions through Luxor to Aswan Cruises .

Luxor Aswan Cruise
Luxor Aswan Cruise

Enjoy Aswan Nile Cruise with amazing and wonderful Luxury Nile Cruises of Ibis Egypt Tours that Offers wonderful Variety of best Nile Cruises , you have the Chance to select the embarkation Point From Luxor or Aswan , ever Cruise has its Schedule and starts its Location for two times one time from Luxor for 4 nights and the another Sailing will be from Aswan for 3 nights , enjoy high facilities through Luxor Nile Cruise Like
Radamis II Nile Cruises  :  65 deluxe cabins of approximately 20 square meters- 4 family cabins Sun Deck Wi-Fi for all cabins
Steigenberger Minerva Nile Cruise :Minerva has 77 spacious cabins
Gymnasium with Fitness equipments -Large sun deck with swimming pool-Pool bar .

There are many through Luxor Nile Cruise Such as :

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