River Nile Cruises

River Nile Cruises

Get the Chance and enjoy one of the best amazing River Nile Cruises to explore Egypt attractions and more with Ibis Egypt Tours in wonderful Nile Cruise Holidays to build wonderful memory about travelling via the great Nile River and to explore many monuments that reflects beauty , culture , art and history . enjoy many types of Nile Cruises In Egypt through Luxor Aswan Cruises and try Lake Nasser Cruises to explore many wonderful temples through your sailing between Aswan and Abu Simbel also enjoy amazing things to do through Felucca Nile Cruises and don’t miss the Chance to enjoy Dahabiya Nile Cruises with its high facilities and more with Best Nile Cruise .

Its your Opportunity to explore The Land of History through magic Nile Cruises All Inclusive with Ibis Egypt Tours that Offers you the Chance to enjoy Sailing between Luxor and Aswan , explore Luxor attractions Like Luxor Temple that dedicated to Triad Of Thebes ( Amun _Mut _ Khnsu ) explore Karnak Temples that Consider as a collection of temples Cause many Kings had Shared in the Construction of the temple , includes 10 Pylons and 134 Column in the great Hypostyle Hall of the Temple also explore Hatshepsut Temple the three traces temple then Sail to Edfu where you will explore edfu Temple that dedicated to the falcon god Hours also you have the Chance to explore Aswan attractions Like The High Dam that Protects Egypt from  Flood and drought , also explore Philae Temple that dedicated to Isis and contains amazing Columns and more you will discover through your adventure via the great Nile river and more with best Cruise on The Nile 

Felucca Nile Cruise
Felucca Nile Cruise

What about having amazing and wonderful  Felucca Nile Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours to explore Nubians lifestyle and to have the chance to  taste their delicious food with this magic Nile Cruises in Egypt you will have the Chance to enjoy many things to do enjoy sailing to Kobanya Village where you will enjoy tasty Lunch and Spend amazing and abnormal camp beside the Fire while listening to wonderful Egyptian music then prepare yourself to sail to Darawa village where you will  gain  experience and knowledge about camels through visiting the biggest famous Camel Market and more through this wonderful holiday via the Nile .

Dahabiya Nile Cruise
Dahabiya Nile Cruise

What about having amazing and wonderful Egypt Nile Cruises to enjoy Luxurious Life through Dahabiya Nile Cruises , Fill your eyes with beauty of the Nile river and enjoy the warm weather and the fresh air also enjoy many wonderful Nile Cruise Packages and Stay beside Feeling happy with Galabiya Party  and Feel Comfortable with high facilities of the Cruise through the Low number of Cabins and Suites that Suitable for family or Friends , also enjoy high Facilities with Dahabiya Cruise Like :
1- MS Donia Dahabiya Nile Cruise : Air-conditioned Cabins -each Cabin with Private bath including hair dryer -International Telephone calls available -TV. With Satellite as well as DVD player
2- Sonesta Amirat Dahabeya Nile Cruise :each Cabin with Private bath including hair dryer
Air-conditioned Cabins-Each cabin with Mini bar -Safety Box in each cabin

There are wonderful Cruises through River Nile Cruises Such as :

If you interested in River Nile cruises Kindly Send us on info@ibisegypttours.com
Website : www.ibisegypttours.com

Yasmin Saied
Ibis Egypt Tours 


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