Cruise On The Nile

Cruise On The Nile
Cruise On The Nile

Enjoy beautiful tour by the Cruise On The Nile in Egypt to watch the great ancient attractions, visit The sightseeing of Lake Nasser like Kalabsha and Amada temples and explore Wadi El Seboua, you can enjoy Nile Cruises All Inclusive and explore Luxor and Aswan in an amazing Nile Cruise tour, also you have the chance to ride a Felucca and watch the beautiful places and watch the beautiful market of camels and eat the Nubian Food.

Wadi El Seboua
Wadi El Seboua

Take a Lake Nasser tour by the Nile River Cruise and Stay to watch many sightseeing in lake Nasser Cruises, you have the chance to visit Abu simbel Temple that consist of four statues of the Facade of the Temple, The statues dedicated to The Pharaoh, sail to visit kasr Ibrim and take many memorable photos, enjoy tours by Nile Cruises in Egypt and sail to Amada temple and enjoy exploring it, discover Pennut Tomb, have excursion to Wadi El Seboua Temple that is Historical and important place in Nubia, visit Dakka Temple, and Meharakka, at The End of your Tour have best tour to Kalabsha Temple that dates back to the time of roman emperor Augustus and dedicated to the Nubian god Mandoulis.

Dahabiya Nile Cruise
Dahabiya Nile Cruise

Get knowledge about Aswan and Luxor, enjoy sailing by Dahabiya Nile River Cruises to Aswan and watch the sightseeing such as The High dam that protect the Egyptians from floods and helps in electricity generation, then explore Philae temple that date back to the reign of king Taharqa, sail by the Nile Cruise to Kom Ombo temple and watch mummified crocodiles, clay coffins and amazing reliefs on the walls, visit Gebel el Silsila while your tour, continue your Nile Cruise Holidays to Edfu Temple (Temple of Horus) that is the largest temple after Karnak temple, sail to an Island and enjoy the Egyptian atmosphere of Galabiya Party with the beautiful Egyptian music, sail via Esna to Luxor and enjoy the great attractions of west bank, walk through the valley of the kings and visit the tombs, move to explore Hatshepsut temple and amuse your eyes with its design.


Enjoy your time while your trip in Egypt Nile Cruises by the Felucca in the Nile River, have excursion to Koubaneya Village, walk through the Village and watch the beauty of sunset, know about the way of cooking for the Nubian women and eat the delicious of the Nubian food, enjoy playing with the kids, after that enjoy sailing to the Harbor and enjoy dancing with the Egyptian music, sail with the Nile River Cruise to Darawa local village and get different experience about camels while your tour to camels market that you can know about different kinds of camels, sail to Kom Ombo and explore Baluli island, enjoy walking in the beside the Nile River in Fares village, then Gebel El-Silsila.

There are many types through Cruise On The Nile Such as :

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