Egypt Safari

Egypt Safari
Egypt Safari

Do you want to live the adventure and suspense? with us you have the opportunity to make an Egypt Safariadventures trips in The beautiful deserts, explore the secrets of the desert, live the adventure in best Safari Tours, get knowledge about Siwa Oasis and many places on it, and discover Bahariya Oasis in a wonderful Egypt Adventure Tours, feast your eyes in the black and white desert, you can also have a trips to Dakhla and Kharga Oasis in Luxor desert, moreover you have the chance to know more about The history of Egypt by visiting Cairo and Alexandria sightseeing.

Spring of Cleopatra
Spring of Cleopatra

Combine between the adventure and the history in best Safari Tours In Egypt, visit Cairo and explore the great ancient Egypt, amuse your eyes in Alexandria while watching Qaitbay Citadel and montazah Palace, then take a excursion in the desert and explore the nature, feast your eyes in the museum of the world war II, and drive by 4×4 jeep to Siwa Oasis, explore the secrets of the desert, discover Shali Siwa that is the old city built from salt rocks. amuse your eyes and explore the great sand sea, see the major attract in Siwa is Spring of Cleopatra, watch Mountains of The Dead that have limestone soil. then you can discover Alexander the great Temple.

The White Desert
The White Desert

Try to make a tour from Cairo to Bahariya Oasis, visit the most famous sightseeing in Cairo like the Pyramids and the museum, then explore the beauty of nature in the Egypt Desert Safari, visit Bahariya Oasis in best trip by Jeep 4×4 to, make a camp in the desert Safari Egypt, Bahariya have many ruins dates back to Ptolemaic ear, feast your eyes in the wonderful black desert that have black rocks and hills, watch the high mountains of the desert, amuse your eyes in the beautiful landscapes in the white desert, enjoy watching the crystal mountains and rocks shaped like mushrooms, the white desert have many natural phenomena that you can take beautiful adventure on it.

Dakhla Oasis
Dakhla Oasis

Gain Knowledge and have secrets about the desert Safari In Egypt by taking a Safari Tour, explore Luxor desert safari by driving to Kharga Oasis, feast your eyes in the Oasis by visiting the museum of kharga, the move to explore El Bagawat Cemetery that dates back to fourth century and have 236 tombs, you can enjoy watching Hibis Temple from outside, enjoy the adventure and know about Dakhla Oasis, visit El Muzzawaka Cemetery that consider large cemetery contains of 300 tombs that date bake to Roman era, continue to visit Deir El Haggar that built by king Nero.

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