What To Do In Alexandria

What To Do In Alexandria
What To Do In Alexandria
   Alexandria is a beautiful city to explore, prepare yourself to visit the largest city in Egypt after Cairo, you have the opportunity to know What To Do In Alexandria, visit many places in Alexandria and breath the beautiful and pure Air, enjoy great weather and walk through the beauty of nature and watch the wonderful Mediterranean sea, moreover you van visit Cairo in best day tour from Alexandria and explore the Pyramids and the museum, discover many monasteries while the best excursion to Wadi El Natrun from Alexandria.
Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace
Spend a wonderful time in Alexandria in best day trip, you have to explore great places in Alexandria day Tour, explore catacombs of Kom el Shokafa that have over 300 mummies in tombs and have beautiful integrations of arts. visit beautiful places like Qaitbay Citadel that established by El sultan Al Ashraf Qaitbay, and built in 1480s. watch Alexandria library in a best Alexandria Excursion, feast you eyes in Montazah palace that consider the piece of beauty in Alexandria and walk through its gardens and watch colors of flowers and enjoy the Nature, Amuse your eyes and continue to Roman Theater and explore its history that date back to Roman period, walk in Stanly bridge and enjoy watching the beauty and nature of the Mediterranean sea and enjoy beautiful weather.
Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids
Have the best day tour from Alexandria Trip to Cairo in best excursion from the shore of Alexandria, visit Giza pyramids (Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus), that is the most famous pyramids in Egypt, explore the great Sphinx that have lion’s body and human’s head, and take wonderful photos with it, also you can take unforgettable photos in The Panorama area, you have the chance to explore The Valley Temple that consider one of the old buildings in Egypt, know more about the Egyptian museum that have the hall of mummies, moreover the museum have big collection of arts from 5000 years ago, also explore the treasures King Tutankhamon that inside the museum and more in Alexandria Tour.
Anba Makar Monastery
Anba Makar Monastery
Take a tour to wadi El Natrun In Things To Do In Alexandria and explore many old monasteries, have christian culture and visit the most famous and older monastery in Wadi El Natrun Al-Baramus Monastery, then you have the chance to explore Anba Makar Monastery that was built to be a memorial of St. Makarius in sixth century. discover Anba Bishoi Monastery that founded in fourth century by St. Bishoi, the monastery have five churches inside, then move to El-Suryan Monastery that also built by St. Bishoi and dedicated to Virgin Mary and built in sixth century.

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