Egypt Christian Tours

Egypt Christian Tours
Egypt Christian Tours

  You have the opportunity to make best Egypt Christian tours and explore many sites, enjoy while your tour with exploring a historical places in Cairo, know about old churches in old Cairo, feast your eyes in St. Catherine monastery and other many monasteries in Wadi El Natrun, you have to visit Jordan in a Christian tour from Egypt and explore Petra and Amman.

Saint Catherine monastery
Saint Catherine monastery

Have best Christian Tours, explore Cairo sightseeing in the tour like the Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus and watch sphinx that have lion’s body and human’s head, take fantastic photos in the panorama area, explore the valley temple, move to walk through The Egyptian museum in Cairo and explore many treasures of King Tutankhamen. feast your eyes with many churches in old Cairo dates back to the 3rd century A.D like Ben Ezra synagogue that known as Palestinians temple, it consist of two floors, The first dedicated for the men, and The second dedicated for the women. in the Egypt Christian Tours  you have the chance to visit Saint Catherine monastery and get knowledge about the major monastery in Sinai, you can visit the monastery library and explore many codices, visit the room of skulls inside the monastery, Amuse yourself and take the adventure in Sinai mountains and try to climb Moses mountain and watch the beautiful sun rising over sinai mountains.

Petra Tours
Petra Tours

Try to explore many Christian places in Egypt and visit many churches in old Cairo, and the famous monastery St.Catherine monastery in Egypt Holy Land Tours. you have the opportunity to visit Jordan in Holy Land tours, explore many landmarks like Petra (The Red Rose City) that consider one of seven wonders of the world and have beautiful colors of stone. it is located in southern Jordan and built by Nabataean Arabs in sixth century, enjoy spending great time in walking through this wonderful city and watch many beautiful landscapes. try to visit Amman and know more about St George’s Greek Orthodox Church that located in Madaba and built in the fifth century, explore the beauty of nature of the dead sea that is the lowest point in the earth and enjoy health and beauty benefits in the best Natural spa in The dead sea.

Anba Bishoi Monastery
Anba Bishoi Monastery

Spend a beautiful time in Cairo while your Egypt Christian Tours, visit many landmarks in Cairo, and explore many churches in old Cairo, try to take a Christian Holy Land excursion to Wadi El Natrun and have knowledge about many monasteries, visit Al-Baramus Monastery that consider the first monastery built in the Wadi El Natrun. move to Anba Makar Monastery that It was founded in 360 A.D. and known as Anba Macarius monastery and founded by St. Macarius. explore Anba Bishoi Monastery which founded by St. Bishoi in the fourth century, and it consider the most famous monastery in Wadi El Natrun. try to discover El-Suryan Monastery that is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and almost founded in sixth century. you can also visit St. Catherine and Moses Mountains.

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