Egypt and Jordan Travel Packages

Egypt and Jordan Travel Packages
Egypt and Jordan Travel Packages
     Don’t miss the chance to explore unforgettable package merage between Egypt and Jordan in one Package with Ibis Egypt Tours in best Egypt and Jordan Travel Packages you have the Opportunity to explore the gleaming treasures of  Egypt and touch beauty through Jordan Tours . many amazing things is waiting you through Egypt and Jordan Tours , you will be able to back to pharaoh period through discovering amazing and attractive monuments in different locations , also you will feast your eyes with beautiful landscapes in jordan beside having amazing time to refresh your body through amazing trip to The Dead Sea .

Edfu Temple
Edfu Temple
      What about having amazing Egypt and Jordan Tour Packages helps you to explore the most historical Sites in Egypt ? don’t this more and explore Luxor and Aswan in a Wonderful Nile Cruise in amazing Cairo Nile Cruise And Petra Tours  , explore Luxor Sightseeing such as Luxor Temple where you will explore the amazing pylon of King Ramses II and the colonnade of Amenhotep III , Scout to Karnak Temple which Contains huge 10 Pylon  in two axis and many kings had shared in the building of the temple then know the more about the divine birth of Hatshepsut through exploring  Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir el Bahari ,Valley of The Kings which Contains royal tomb of Tutankhamun , then Prepare yourself for wonderful tour to Edfu to visit Edfu Temple of Hours , Then enjoy sailing to Kom Ombo Temple then visit Aswan Attraction including The great High Dam which had been built to protect Egypt from drought and Flood . The Roman Temple ( Philae Temple ) which dedicated to Egyptian goddess Isis , beside nile cruise tours you have the chance to explore Cairo and Petra .
 Wadi Rum

Fill your eyes with amazing landscapes full of nature and beauty in wonderful tours to touch real beauty through our Fantastic Tours Egypt and Jordan to Wadi Rum  which known by The Valley of the Moon , Scout to this valley and enjoy every moment in this adventure which consider as the Springs and the magic mountains , also you will have a time to enjoy   Camel  riding a  in your tour to Wadi rum you will amuse your eyes with nature and beauty of Wadi Rum . Prepare yourself for unforgettable tour to discover ( Petra )  which known by the Red rose city and don’t forget your Camera with you to memorize your Petra Tour , explore Petra that is one of the New Seven wonders of the World and was remained unknown to the western world until 1812 .

Giza Pyramids
Giza Pyramids
    Explore amazing Egyptian mysteries which will  take you to another world full of history , monuments and Culture in best Egypt and Jordan Combined Tours you have the chance to explore many monuments through wonderful package to explore Cairo Sightseeing , explore Giza Pyramids which is one of the ancient Seven wonders of the world where you an amazing and interesting time with Camel ride tours , get the chance and explore The Egyptian Museum which contains more than 120,000 ,masterpiece , feast your eyes with amazing golden mask of king Tutankhamun  and colorful decorated Coffins ( Sarcophagus )  and explore the wonderful Statues of Akhenaten with different way of style .
 the Dead Sea
 the Dead Sea

Relax , Chill out and refresh your body in amazing Egypt and Jordan Travel Packages which Offers you the chance to explore thereby healing Power of the Dead Sea which consider as most huge natural Spa in the world ,enjoy doing wonderful exercises in this magic Sea to refresh your body , also enjoy wonderful vacation in Sharm El Sheikh through Cairo, Sharm El Sheikh and Jordan  Package , in Sharm El Sheikh you will enjoy swimming in Crystal water , watching The Coral Reefs and many beautiful types of Colorful Fish .

There is wonderful Tours through Egypt and Jordan Travel Packages such as :

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