Shore Excursions In Egypt

Shore Excursions In Egypt
Shore Excursions In Egypt

Enjoy spending a wonderful time in beautiful Shore Excursions In Egypt and explore many sites in Cairo and Alexandria and get information about the culture and history of Egypt, make best sorkeling and diving in Ras Mohammed from Sharm El Sheikh shore and watch underwater life, also enjoy in sunny beaches, explore the beautiful colored canyon and see the wonderful colors of rocks. you can take a tours from aqaba port and visit the Red Rose City Petra and explore wadi rum and take unforgettable photos.

Snorkeling in Ras Mohammed
Snorkeling in Ras Mohammed

Have the opportunity and make an amazing Egypt Shore Excursions from Sharm El Sheikh port to Ras Mohammed and enjoy in the crystal and pure water of the red sea with the Snorkeling and diving, see underwater world and explore the beautiful colored coral reefs and fishes that have different sizes, colors, and kinds. enjoy in the beaches with the sun and wonderful weather. Feast your eyes in The Colored Canyon in Nuweiba that is about two hours from Sharm El Sheikh and watch the colored rocks and sandstone , yellow, white, red and  multicolored. Explore Sant Catherine Monastery from Sharm El Sheikh shore to Sinai, the monastery which is the one of the greatest and oldest monasteries in the world.

Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace

Try to take a wonderful excursion from Alexandria port to Cairo and explore famous sites like Giza Pyramids it’s the most great and famous Three Pyramids in Egypt Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus, you have the chance to take a memorable photos in the panorama area and watch the great Sphinx. move to The Valley Temple to explore the statue of Pharaoh that was found inside the temple, visit The Egyptian Museum that have a big collection of arts from 5000 years. In Shore Excursions Egypt  you can make a tour in Alexandria and get knowledge about beautiful landmarks in this beautiful city, visit Qaitbay Citadel that established by El Sultan Al Ashraf Qaitbay, explore Cata Comb of Kol El Shokafa that have beautiful integrations of arts. Feast your eyes and walk in Montazah Palace and amuse your eyes in The great Roman Theater.


Make a nice trip from Aqaba port in Egypt shore Excursion to Wadi Rum that is the Valley from sandstone and granite rocks and consider the largest wadi in Jordan, amuse your eyes and enjoy beautiful landscapes of Wadi Rum, continue to explore Majestic Mountains, you have the chance to ride Horses and Camels inside the desert. Also, you can take a Tours From Egypt Ports, to Petra ( Red Rose City) that discovered by Nabataean Arabs and it is consider one of seven wonders of the world, see the wonderful buildings , you can take beautiful photos with Petra, also Camels and Horses is Available to enjoy riding inside the city.

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