Aswan Travel

Aswan Travel
Aswan Travel

Fill your Soul with history and  build wonderful memory about Egypt Culture through wonderful  Aswan Travel  with Ibis Egypt Tours  , you will have the chance to enjoy unique Collection helps you to explore amazing Aswan Excursions , you have the Opportunity to Start wonderful tours to Abu Simbel temple , Luxor , Edfu and Kom Ombo .  also enjoy amazing Felucca tours to touch beauty of the Nile and attend amazing Sound and Light Show at Philae Temple

Philae Temple
Philae Temple

Enjoy amazing Tours in Aswan to explore beauty through  Aswan Attractions Such as Philae Temple which dedicated To Isis the Egyptian goddess and Known by Giver of Life , It was begun by Ptolemy II and completed by the Roman Emperors , also visit The High Dam which had been built by Egyptian People in 1960 to to Protect Egypt from drought or Flood . also you have the Opportunity to explore The Unfinished Obelisk which dates to The New Kingdom and ordered to build by Queen Hatshepsut take amazing photos in the Location of the Unfinished Obelisk which Still in Location of the Construction cause e Cracks appeared in the Obelisk so workers didn’t finish the project .

Aswan Felucca Ride
Aswan Felucca Ride
  Enjoy Aswan Felucca Ride to enjoy the beauty of the great Nile River , unleash your inner and amuse your eyes with wonderful natural landscape of the green banks and Fill your lungs with fresh air , you will have the Opportunity to touch the beauty through sailing around amazing Elephantine Island and  discover  the Botanical garden also you will pass away the Mausoleum of Agha khan and more through Aswan Day Tours .


Kalabsha Temple
Kalabsha Temple

Try an amazing Aswan Tours to explore Kalabsha Temple the most completed temple in Nubia and dates to Roman Period then you have amazing time while exploring The wonderful Nubian Museum which  was built to a design by architect Mahmoud El-Hakim  and contains about 3000 masterpiece .at night explore amazing Sound and Light Show in the Wonderful Philae Temple in Aswan , amuse your eyes with amazing lights on the walls

Hatshepsut Temple
Hatshepsut Temple
      Explore Egypt history through wonderful an amazing Things To Do In Aswan to explore valuable monuments in East bank , visit Luxor Temple which dedicated to Triad of Thebes and was famous with Opet Festival , then explore Karnak Temple which dedicated to god Amoun-Ra and Consists of 10 Pylons and 134 Column in The Hypostyle Hall enjoy  a panoramic view of this halls which comes from the different high of the Columns .  explore Pharaoh treasures in  west bank , explore Valley of the Kings which was royal necropolis for Kings of the new Kingdom including the royal tomb of the Child King Tutankhamun which was full of Tutankhamun Treasures now in the Egyptian Museum also you have the Chance to explore Hatshepsut Temple which dates to new Kingdom and Contains amazing decorations for myth of her divine birth

There are many tours through Aswan Travel such as :

  • Sound And Light Show At Philae Temple
  • Nubian Museum And Kalabsha Temple Tour From Aswan
  • Tour To St. Simeon Monastery From Aswan
  • Abu Simbel Sun Festival Tours From Aswan
  • Nile Cruise Tour From Aswan To Luxor

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