Red Sea Travel

Red Sea Travel
Red Sea Travel

Do you want to feel happy ? So what about having amazing vacation in Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours through Red Sea Travel , explore Charm of Red Sea through wonderful Red Sea Package , you will have the chance to explore beauty of Hurghada through many amazing tours , also don’t miss the chance to touch beauty of Sharm El Sheikh ( The City of Peace )  , you have the Opportunity to enjoy wonderful historical tours from Red Sea to most historical Sites Luxor and Cairo .

Giftun Island
Giftun Island

Spend wonderful time to feel relax with nature , enjoy the chare magic of the Underwater World , you have the Chance to amuse your eyes with wonderful landscapes full of life and nature , enjoy Red Sea Vacation with relaxation time in Sunny and Sandy beach in wonderful weather and Water activities such as Swimming , Snorkeling , Red Sea Diving  and more through amazing excursion to Giftun Island , try  amazing adventure to add to your experience valuable knowledge about underwater world  through interesting Sindbad Submarine tours to amuse your eyes with wonderful landscape full of beautiful Colorful Fish and Coral reefs .

St, Catherine Monastery
St, Catherine Monastery

Explore wonderful and unique Red Sea Tours to explore many amazing thing to do , enjoy your vacation in Sharm El sheikh through wonderful Snorkeling tours in Ras Mohamed National Park where you will enjoy water activities to explore many amazing and interesting about Red Sea world to have Optimistic feeling through this world which full of life , explore amazing Colorful fish moves around you and feast your eyes with beautiful Coral Reefs which is well known in Red Sea .
also from Sharm El Sheikh you have the chance to explore St, Catherine Monastery the most important and Famous Coptic Landmark in Egypt and most Oldest worked monastery in Egypt , and  constructed by Justinian I for St, catherine , explore amazing Library include the world’s oldest continually operating library contains many unique books , also you will explore The Skull Rooms contains bones of Priests who had served in this holy monastery .try Colored Canyon tours to feast your eyes with nature beauty of this magic valley which contains many amazing Colorful fish with fantastic colors .

Giza Pyramids

Achieve your dream while experience Cairo attraction from Sharm El Sheikh or Hurghada  in best Red Sea Holidays 2017 , Scout to Giza Three Pyramids one of the ancient Seven wonders of the world  which dates to Old Kingdom for King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus . gain wonderful experience about Great Pyramid of Cheops which had been built from more than 2 million blocks of limestone , explore Pyramid of Chephren which appears larger then the Great Pyramid Cause the pyramid sits on bedrock , take beautiful photos with  The Sphinx the mighty statue which consist of human head and Lion body enjoy Red Sea Travel through excursion to The Egyptian Museum which Contains about 120,000 dates to different periods , explore the most Famous Collection in The egyptian Museum ( Tutankhamoun Treasures )   then discover  Akhnaton Collection , many decorated Sarcophagus and Narmer Palette .

There are many types Red Sea Travel through Such as :

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