Tours From Aswan

Tours From Aswan
Tours From Aswan

Feast your eyes in a best Tours from Aswan and visit many sites, enjoy watching temples and explore the history and culture, visit sightseeing in Aswan and you can take a tour to Luxor in a beautiful Nile Cruise between Aswan and Luxor discover Kom ombo and Edfu Temples and explore other many places like kalabsha and Nubian museum.

Philae Temple
Philae Temple

Take a beautiful day Tours in Aswan, know about the history of Aswan, enjoy exploring The High Dam which is  a successful project from 1970, The Dam is protecting Egypt from floods. move to The Unfinished Obelisk that date back to 18 dynasty, when stonemasons start built the obelisk they found cracks in the granite and Hatshepsut stopped the construction. so it was a disappointment to the stonemasons. in Aswan Day Trips you have the chance to visit Philae Temple which dedicated to god Osiris and include 2 temples, one was traditional for worship and the other is the hall of columns.

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple

Chill out and take a wonderful Nile Cruise from Aswan to Luxor, enjoy relaxation in the Nile River in Egypt, explore great sightseeing in Aswan an sail to Kom Ombo temple that belongs to Sobek and Horus, watch mummified crocodiles and clay coffins in the temple. Try to visit Edfu Temple which is a large temple belongs to Horus and Hathor and designed by Imhotep. Sail to Luxor and watch Colossi of Memnon that are two massive stone statues of the Pharaoh Amenhotep III. walk in Valley of the kings and visit many tombs. Then move to great landmark in Luxor is Karnak Temple that is the largest temple in the world, and was from Pharoah Ramses era, the temple is a great historical place visited by many tourists from all over the world. explore Luxor Temple that is the temple built by Amenhotep III and completed by the help of Ramses II and he added the front part of the temple.

Kalabsha Temple
Kalabsha Temple

Try to make many Things To Do In Aswan and Amuse your eyes in Kalabsha Temple in a best tour from Aswan, The temple date bake to roman times, it is dedicated to the sun god Mandulis and built by Toutmosis II and Amenophis II, it was built in traditional Egyptian style. you have the opportunity to visit the Nubian Museum that is a beautiful place describes the Nubian culture and civilization and is a archaeological museum, the museum contains many variety of historical pieces antiquities. and more in Aswan Day Tours.

There are many beautiful Tours From Aswan Such as :

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