Nile River Cruise

Nile River Cruise

Do you want to feel happy and excited ? Ibis Egypt Tours will take you to another world Full of happiness through our unique  Nile River Cruise So take the decision and get the Chance to enjoy Nile Cruise Tours through best Luxor Aswan Cruise , Dahabiya  Cruise , also you have the Chance to explore many valuable temples through magic Lake Nasser Cruises to enjoy wonderful sailing between Luxor and Aswan via the great nile river or explore our amazing Egypt Nile Cruise to touch  beauty through our wonderful Felucca Nile Cruise Tours  .

Philae Temple
Philae Temple

Explore amazing attractions in best Nile Cruise Egypt  Sailing between Luxor and Aswan in best Luxor Aswan Cruise , you will be able to fill yourself with history and valuable knowledge about Egypt , enjoy 3 nights from Aswan or 4 nights from Luxor through amazing Cruises with high Facilities , you have the Opportunity to explore  Luxor Temple which was Famous with Opet Festival then explore most huge temple Karnak Temple where you explore 10 pylons and 134 Column in the Hypostyle hall then visit Hatshepsut Temple which Ordered to build by Queen Hatshepsut .
Sail to Edfu Temple Which dedicated to Falcon god  , Continue Sailing to Kom Ombo Where you will Visit the double Shared Temple Of Kom Ombo Which dedicated to Sobek and Hours the elder
also you will amuse your eyes with beauty of Aswan , explore Aswan attractions such as Philae Temple which dedicated to The Egyptian goddess Isis and enjoy wonderful trip to explore ( The Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut .

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple

Get the chance and enjoy Nile Cruise Holidays with  unforgettable time  to the most famous and important Temples ( Abu Simbel Temples ) which had built through New Kingdom which belongs to King Ramses II , you will have the Chance to explore Abu Simbel Temple which Contains important decorations for Kadesh Battle then Prepare yourself for having unforgettable Photos through your trip to Kasr Ibrim Where you will have memorable photos in this magic place  then sail to explore Amada Temple which built by built by King Thutmose III through the new kingdom then visit  Temple of El Derr  which Constructed by King Ramses II then explore Tomb of Peanut who was one of the governors of Nubia  .then explore Wadi El Seboua temple which famous with many Sphinx Statues , Scout to explore Kalabsha temple which built through Roman Period  .


Have Luxurious Life and more through our fantastic Dahabiya Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours through unforgettable Egypt Cruise Tours , you have the chance to enjoy wonderful cruise has few number of Cabin which made dahabiya id Suitable for small group like family an friends , also you have the chance to enjoy having amazing and unforgettable  luxury river cruises . you will be able to explore beauty of the nile river and have amazing photos for green banks of the nile through our amazing River Nile Cruise , you have the chance to explore the gleaming treasures of pharaoh through dahabia which sail between Luxor and Aswan

There are many types through Nile River Cruise Like :

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Yasmin Saied
Ibis Egypt Tours 



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