Egypt Holy Land Tours

Egypt Holy Land Tours
Egypt Holy Land Tours

Enjoy amazing and fantastic Package in Egypt With Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you amazing and unforgettable Egypt Holy Land Tours to explore our unique Sacred Tours in different Sites , you will be amazed with our Holy land Tours to explore many Sacred attractions in cairo , Alexandria and St, Catherine , also you have the Chance to explore sacred attractions out egypt Like having amazing  Egypt Holy Land Trips to Israel and Jordan . Prepare yourself to have unforgettable Packages having many Islamic and Christian Tours beside historical tours  to gain amazing and valuable experience .

Amr Ibn El Ass
Amr Ibn Elass Mosque

Build a wonderful memory about many Sacred attractions in Egypt through an amazing tour to explore Islamic Sightseeing of Egypt from Taba , Start your package with unforgettable tour to explore St, Catherine Monastery and explore the Skull Room which includes the bones of the priests who served in this monastery then enjoy exploring  Mount Sinai then enjoy Cairo Sightseeing such as Giza Three Pyramids  , The Egyptian Museum which include about 120,000 masterpiece dates to different eras and present many styles of art , then enjoy Egypt Islamic Tours Visiting The Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali also you have the Chance to explore Sayeda Zeinab Mosque , the wonderful Al Hussein Mosque where Sunni Muslims believe that Husayn’s head is buried on the grounds of the mosque,then explore  Ahmed Ibn Tulun Mosque which Constructed by Ahmad ibn Ţūlūn  the Turkic Abbassid governor of Egypt then visit  the first mosque in Egypt and  the Middle East  Amr Ibn Elass Mosque , Dont miss the chance to enjoy our amazing excursions to Alexandria  Where you will visit Morsi Abu El Abbas Mosque , and Alexandria Library which Consider as the most important Culture Center in Egypt   .

  Unleash your inner and Prepare yourself to enjoy having amazing and unforgettable Egypt and Jordan Tours , you have the Opportunity to have amazing Egypt Holy Land Tours to  explore Petra the Red Rose City then Prepare yourself for also you have the Opportunity to have unforgettable trip on horseback to the Siq  then prepare your Amman trip to explore Madaba which include many Famous Mosaic like the Famous mosaic which has been found on the Floor of St George Church  then enjoy visiting Mount Nebo which is the place where Moses was granted a view of the Promised Land , enjoy The view from the summit of Mount Nebo which provides a panorama View of the Holy Land .also you have the Chance to enjoy a magical therapy benefits through spending interesting time in the best Point for relaxation through The Dead Sea which Consider as a natural Spa ,


 Anba Bishoi Monastery
 Anba Bishoi Monastery

Gain amazing experience about Coptic attractions in Egypt through wonderful Egypt Christian Tours to explore  Wadi El Natrun Monasteries Tour ,  Scout to explore the first monasteries in Egypt which is Al-Baramus Monastery and known as  Anba Makaryus Monastery then explore Anba Bishoi Monastery which includes Anba Bishoi Cemetery then prepare yourself to visit El-Suryan Monastery which was used by Syrian Monks and dedicated to the Virgin Mary and carries her name  , explore  the Door of Prophecies which its features are symbolic diagrams depicting the past and  future of to Christian faith through the eyes of Christian monks .

There are many tours through Egypt Holy Land Tours such as

  • Egypt and Jordan Holy Land Tours
  • Six Days Christian Tour Of Egypt From Cairo
  • Five Days Islamic Tour Of Egypt From Taba
  • Egypt, Jordan, And Israel Holy Land Tours
  • Four Days Christian Tour Of Egypt From Taba Port
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