Egypt Adventure Tours

Egypt Adventure Tours
Egypt Adventure Tours

Discover the Secrets of Egypt desert and touch the beauty through abnormal and memorable adventures with Ibis Egypt Tours through wonderful Egypt Adventure Tours to unleash your inner adventurer and to amuse yourself many wonderful packages to enjoy Safari Egypt , you have the chance to explore many Oasis Like Siwa , Dakhla , Kharga , Bahariya , White and Black dedert . also you have the chance to enjoy explore Egypt history through historical tours to Cairo , Alexandria , Alamein  , Luxor , Edfu , Kom Ombo and Aswan to gain wonderful experience .

Dakhla Oasis
Dakhla Oasis
   Taste the adventure with Ibis Egypt Tours and try our unique and unforgettable Safari in Egypt to explore many secrets about desert wonders , explore the desert through wonderful tours to explore wonders of  Kharga and Dakhla Oasis , enjoy an amazing Egypt Desert Safari Tours to Kharga Oasis where you will enjoy an amazing trip to explore Temple of Hibis as outside visiting then Visit Kharga Museum prehistoric tools, ostrich eggs and many other artefacts found in the Western Desert, and the Roman Cemetery which called El Bagawat Cemetery , then prepare yourself to explore attractions of  Dakhla Oasis where you will scout to Qasr El Labakha, Muzzawaqa and Deir El Hagar Temple which built through Roman Period and built from Sandstone Complete your adventure with our Safari Tours and you will enjoy living in a wonderful atmosphere through Egypt Desert Camping to touch the beauty of the desert at  the night .


Hatshepsut Temple
Hatshepsut Temple
 Don’t miss the Chance to explore many historical sites through our amazing Egypt Desert Packages , you will have the Opportunity to explore Luxor Site where you will explore Luxor

Temple which dedicated to  Triad of Thebes , you have the Chance to explore Karnak Temple which Consider as a collection of Temples Cause many Kings had Shared in the Construction of the Temple  Scout to explore The Great Hypostyle hall which Contains 134 Column in 16 row in different high , also you will explore hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El bahri which Consist of 3 traces , you will explore many amazing records and important decoration for the myth of divine Birth of Queen Hatshepsut and many wonderful records for her journey to Punt . also one of the most important historical tours in our Egypt Desert Safari to explore Cairo in of our amazing adventures , explore Giza Pyramids

Siwa Oasis
Siwa Oasis

Enjoy our amazing Egypt Adventure Tours to amuse yourself with beauty of  desert ,So dont miss the Chance  to enjoy Prepare yourself for an amazing Safari Egypt Tours to explore wonderful attractions in Alexandria ( The Bride Of Mediterranean Sea ) explore Quitbay Citadel which  belongs to El Sultan Quitbay in Mamluke Period , explore amazing knowledge about burial ways through Roman Period through our unforgettable tour to Catacomb of Kom El Shoqafa  and dont miss the opportunity to explore Alamein attractions Like Alamein Museum where you will know the more about The World War II through Siwa Oasis Tours where you will feast your eyes with many amazing wonders where you will explore The Great Sand Sea explore this wonderful area which 74% of it is Covered with Sand duns , explore amazing natural Hot Springs in the middle of the desert  , Cleopatra Springs , the Mountain of the Dead and know the more about Alexander Oracle through wonderful trip to Temple of  Alexander The Great .

There are many Egypt Adventure Tours such as :

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