Things To Do in Egypt


Things To Do in Egypt
Things To Do in Egypt

Prepare yourself and come to Egypt with Ibis Egypt Tours and enjoy best Things To Do In Egypt through our Unique Egypt Day Tours in different Collection , you will have the chance to explore Egypt historical Sites such Cairo , Luxor and Aswan through best day tours , also you have the Opportunity to explore the beauty of Marsa Alam , Dahab and Taba through best Excursions . dont miss the Chance to
try wonderful adventures and tours through  Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada Excursions .

Safari Tours in Marsa Alam
Safari Tours in Marsa Alam

Feel optimistic , relaxation and enjoyment through your Marsa Alam excursion in best Excursions in EgyptEnjoy wonderful and Outstanding Snorkeling tours in Porto Abu Ghalib , Sharm El Luli , Hamata Island and Abu dabab Island to enjoy beauty of wonderful world , amuse your eyes with watching Sea Creatures and Coral Reefs in wonderful Landscapes full of nature and magic , try Spending wonderful time through your trip to Dolphin House where you will enjoy Playing with Funnest animal Dolphins also you have the Chance to try wonderful Safari adventure to explore beauty of the desert , Life Customs of Bedouin  , enjoy listening and dance through listening to wonderful music, also you will have the Chance to enjoy many wonderful tours through Marsa Alam Day Tours like our unforgettable Nile Cruise Tours , Luxor Trip and Aswan excursions .

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple

Try Something different with Ibis Egypt Tours through best Egypt Excursions in Aswan Excursions , explore The great High Dam which had built to protect Egypt from drought or Flood and get wonderful experience through your trip to explore Philae Temple the wonderful temple which had built through Roman Period and dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis wife of Osiris also you have the Opportunity to explore The Unfinished Obelisk which ordered to built by Hatshepsut , explore this unfinished Obelisk which built from red granite and Still in the location of Construction till now Cause cracks had appeared in the Obelisk So the workers Stopped working in this great project , also through Egypt Day Trips in Aswan , you will have the Chance to explore Abu Simbel Temple of King Ramses II who built two rocks temple in Abu Simbel , the huge one for himself  and the Small temple for his wife , explore wonderful decorations for Kadesh battle through your trip to The huge temple of Abu Simbel which belongs to Ramses II , also you will have the Chance to explore Edfu and Kom Ombo through wonderful tours, explore Edfu Temple of Hours which Consider as the Second Huge Temple then explore The double Shared Temple of Kom
Ombo which dedicated to Sobek the Crocodile god , and Hours the elder the Falcon god .

Colored Canyon
Colored Canyon

Try best Egypt Sightseeing Tours in Dahab which offers you many excursions , you will have the Chance to explore beauty of Jordan in most beautiful attractions there which is Petra the red rose City
which full of beauty , you will have the Chance to explore Petra which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World , through your Petra tours you have to get your Camera with you to take many wonderful and memorable photos in Panoramic View ,  also you will have the Chance to try Camels ride through your
Petra Tours ,  try an amazing trips to explore one of the most holiest landmark in Coptic attractions
Visit St, Catherine Monastery which had been built through Roman Period where explore Skull Room
which Contains bones of Priests who Served in this holy Place . also you have the Chance to explore the Colored Canyon the wonderful and magic Valley which Contains many Colorful rocks ,.

Giza Three Pyramids
Giza Three Pyramids

Explore many Things To Do In Egypt through best tours in Cairo , also you will have the Chance to
try our tours to Giza Three Pyramids of Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus then explore The mighty Statue Sphinx which Consists of  human head and Lion body in wonderful harmony , which present Power and Wisdom . also you have the Chance to explore Egyptian art through different eras Pharaoh , Greek , Roman , Coptic and Islamic ,  gain a wonderful experience about the Child King Tutankhamoun through exploring Tutankhamoun Treasures , Hatshepsut Sphinx Statues and Narmer Palette . also you have the Chance to explore The Bride of Mediterranean Sea Alexandria from Cairo through an amazing trip to explore wonders of Alexandria , explore the most important Center culture in Egypt Alexandria Library , Pompay pillar , Quitbay Citadel which had built through Mamluke Period , then explore beauty through Montazah Palace trip which surrounded by beautiful garden and wonderful Flowers .

There are many types through Things To Do in Egypt Such as

  • Cairo Day Tours
  • Luxor Tours
  • Hurghada Excursions
  • Sharm El Sheikh Excrsions
  • Taba Tours
  • Marsa Alam Excursions
  • El Gouna Excursions
  • Alexandria Tours
  • Dahab Tours

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