Cairo Day Tours

Cairo Day Tours
Cairo Day Tours

Egypt is full of many treasures which will take you to a wonderful world full of history , Civilization and history , gain an awesome experience about The Land of history with Ibis Egypt Tours through best Cairo Day Tours which Contains many historical tours and trips to different sites in Egypt , explore Cairo Sightseeing , Aswan attractions and Luxor treasures .
Enjoy many Things To Do in Cairo to unleash your inner through memorable tours such as attending Giza Pyramids Sound And Light Show, exploreing Egypt Culture through Cairo Local Market Tours , touching beauty of Egypt through having an amazing Nile Cruise sailing Via the great Nile river between Luxor and Aswan or exploring the beauty of the Nile through our Felucca Ride Tour  .

The Egyptian Museum
The Egyptian Museum

Built a valuable experience about Egypt the Land of Pharaoh through best tours to explore many Sightseeing in Cairo so prepare yourself to have a wonderful knowledge about our great history , you can try our Giza Three Pyramids tours to explore this wonderful and great Structure , explore this great royal tombs which had been built through the Old Kingdom for King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus where you will have a wonderful experience about Giza Pyramids which is one of the old Seven wonders of the world , also explore The Sphinx which locate on Giza Plateau to protect the royal tombs , enjoy having memorable photos with this this mighty Statue which Consist of human head and lion body , through your Pyramids day tour you can Spend a wonderful time through Pyramids Of Giza Camel Ride tour , also you have the Chance to gain an amazing experience about The Egyptian art through different eras , explore Tutankhamon Treasures  , Sarcophagus , Narmer  Palette ,  The wooden Statue which Called (Sheikh El Balad ) and the famous Statue of Chephren with the Falcon .

Hatshepsut Temple
Hatshepsut Temple

Enjoy Cairo Day Tours to Spend memorable time through Sailing via the great Nile river to explore Egypt treasures through best Cairo Excursions to explore Luxor Site which Contains valuable monuments , explore the east bank where you will enjoy walking through the history via pylons and halls of Luxor Temple which dedicated to Triad of Thebes ( Amoun -Mut – Khonsu ) , amuse your eyes with watching scenes of the Opt Festival on the walls of colonnade of Luxor Temple then explore Karnak Temple the most huge temple Consists of 10 Pylons in two different axis ,  and explore The Hypostyle Hall which Contains about 134 Column in different two high to decrease the light to make a panoramic view , also  explore celebration hall of King Thutmose II . then explore West bank where you will visit Hatshepsut Temple and The Valley of the kings which Contains about 62 royal tomb .

Lunch Cruise Ship
Lunch Cruise Ship

Try many Things to Do in Cairo through best Cairo Tours , enjoy having an amazing and delicious food  through Lunch Cruise Ship tours , enjoy spending an amazing time through attending an interesting Folklore Show and amuse your ears with listening to wonderful Egyptian Music . also you can try Cairo Local Market Tours to know the more about the tradition markets , you will know the treatment between the Clients and the traders also you will have the chance to try Tok Tok ride through your Cairo market tour and try traditions dishes in local restaurants .

There are many Tours through Cairo Day Tours Such as :

  • Felucca Ride In Cairo
  • 5 Days Nile Cruise Tours To Aswan And Luxor
  • St,Catherine Tours from Cairo
  • Giza Pyramids, Sakkara And Dahshur Tours
  • Saladin Citadel And Old Cairo Day Trip
  • Cairo Stopover Tours
  • Cairo Stopover Tours
  • Petra Tours From Cairo
  • Dinner Cruise In Cairo
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