Tours from Alexandria Port

Tours from Alexandria Port
Tours from Alexandria Port

Do you Search about amazing Fast tours to explore most important monuments in Egypt from Alexandria ? So dont search more Cause Ibis Egypt Tours have the best selection for you through best Tours from Alexandria Port, Prepare yourself and enjoy unforgettable and awesome Alexandria Port Shore Excursions  to explore Egypt attractions in different sites such as Cairo , Saqqara , El Alamein and Alexandria ( The Bride of Mediterranean Sea ) .

Giza Three Pyramids
Giza Three Pyramids

Enjoy having best Alexandria Shore Excursions and Start a wonderful tours to explore Cairo Where you will explore Giza Three Pyramids which had built through the Old Kingdom and belongs to   King Cheops , Chephren and Mykerinus . enjoy having a Valuable Knowledge about Pyramids Construction which was built to be as royal tombs ,then have a wonderful Photos with the mighty Statue ( The Sphinx ) which consist of  human head and lion body , also you will have the Chance to explore Saqqara Site where you will explore an amazing Structure ( the Step Pyramid  ) which Consist of 6 Steps and belongs to King Djoser who was a king through the 3rd Dynasty by  his vizier Imhotep .

Mohamed Ali Mosque
Mohamed Ali Mosque

Did you hear about The Egyptian Museum ? So What about having an interesting Alexandria Port Trips  to explore this Famous Museum ? have an amazing and memorable tour to explore the Egyptian art through exploring many valuable masterpieces , Explore The Egyptian Museum which Contains about 120, 000 masterpieces dates to different eras Pharaoh , Greek , Roman , Coptic and Islamic , explore Tutankhamoun Treasures , Chephren Statue with the Falcon and Queen Hetp Hers Collection . also you have the Opportunity to explore Cairo Citadel of Salah El Dein which had built through Ayyubid Period then you have the Chance to explore the wonderful Mosque of Mohamed Ali which known by The Alabaster Mosque cause the the lower level and forecourt is tiled with Alabaster .also you have the Chance to have an amazing Shopping trip to explore Khan El Khalili Market where you will get many wonderful souvenirs to still remember Egypt .

Montazah Palace
Montazah Palace

Unleash your inner and Prepare yourself for memorable Tours from Alexandria to explore Alexandria ( The Bride of Mediterranean Sea ) where you will explore Quitabay Citadel of El Sultan Quitbay through Mamluke Period then amuse your eyes with wonderful landscapes for Montazah Palace and the surriunding gardens which full of wonderful Flowers then you will have the Chance to explore Catacomb of Kom El Shoqqafa which was a necropolis had built through Roman Period . also fom Alexndria Port you have the Chance to start a wonderful trip to explore World War II Cemeteries which for Common wealth, Greek, Italian and German soldiers and Contains wide range of the remain of World War such as weapons and tanks .

There are many Tours From Alexandria Port Such as :

  • Cairo Tours From Alexandria Port Back To Port Said Port
  • Giza Pyramids And Egyptian Museum Tours From Alexandria Port
  • Pyramids Of Giza Tour And Lunch Cruise From Alexandria Port
  • Day Tour To Giza Pyramids And Sakkara From Alexandria Port
  • Cairo And Alexandria Overnight Tour From Alexandria Port

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