Lake Nasser Cruises

Lake Nasser Cruises
Lake Nasser Cruises

Scout around the gleaming treasure of Egypt and enjoy having unforgettable vacation to explore Egypt The Land of History through best Lake Nasser Cruises with Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you an amazing Collection of Luxury lake Nasser Cruises Packages which offers you the Opportunity to explore many archaeological sites to Fill yourself with history through an amazing Cruise Sailing between Aswan and Abu Simbel ..

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple

Gain a wonderful and valuable experience through Lake Nasser Cruises which offers you an amazing itinerary to explore many treasures So Prepare yourself to have an amazing dreams Ship to achieve your dreams with Ibis Egypt Tours , Start your tours with exploring most important archaeological site in  Egypt Abu Simbel Where you have the Chance to explore the wonderful the huge two rocks temples of Abu Simbel which had been built by King Ramses II , explore the huge Temple of Abu Simbel Which belongs to the King Ramses II where you have the Chance to Know the more about Kadesh Battle through kadesh battle inscriptions on the walls of the temple also explore the Sanctuary of the temple which Consider as darkest place in Temple includes about 4 Sitting Statues , then you have the Chance to explore the small temple of Abu Simbel through your tours in Abu Simbel , Amuse your eyes with many wonderful decorations for the Queen Nefertari with goddess .

Amada Temple

Prepare yourself to Complete an amazing and memorable Lake Nasser Cruises Egypt  through a wonderful Sailing to Kaser Ibrim Where you have the Chance to take many memorable photos then you will explore Amada Temple which had been built  king Thuhmosis II and Consider as one of the Oldest Nubian Temples then you will have the Opportunity to explore( Temple of El Derr )rock-cut temple in Nubia which was constructed by King Ramses II then explore Panut Tomb who was one of the governors of Nubia at the reign of Ramses II .

Wadi El Souboa
Wadi El Soboua Temple

Enjoy having an amazing Cruise Lake Nasser  to explore Wadi El Souboa Temple which had been built through the New Kingdom by King Ramses II the second large Nubian temples after Abu Simbel Temple,also you have the Chance to explore Kalabsha Temple which had been built through Roman Period in Augustus’s reign .

Lake Nasser Cruise Cabin
Lake Nasser Cruise Cabin

unleash your inner through your lake Nasser Cruise which offers you the Chance to Start an amazing and unforgettable itinerary trough wonderful Cruises Such as , you will have the Chance to enjoy feeling relaxation and Comfortable through your Cruise tours , enjoy an amazing Facilities Such as air- Conditioned cabins ,  Mini Barat each cabin, Internet access to keep in touch with your friends ,Safety box , hairdryer, International Phone , Sun Deck to enjoy having Tan and oriental steam bath and Sauna  .

There are many Cruises Such as
  • Abu Simbel Sun Festival In Lake Cruise
  • Steigenberger Omar El Khayam Lake Nasser Cruise
  • Movenpick Prince Abbas Lake Nasser Cruise
  • MS Nubian Sea Lake Nasser Cruise
  • MS Kasr Ibrim Lake Nasser Cruise
  • MS Eugenie Lake Nasser Cruise
If you interested in Lake Nasser Cruises Kindly send us on

Yasmin Saied
Ibis Egypt Tours


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