El Gouna Excursions


El Gouna Excursions
El Gouna Excursions

Chill out and Come to Egypt where you will enjoy beauty and history in one Land , you will feel that you live in a paradise , get the chance and enjoy amazing tours to explore the beauty of Egypt through El Gouna Excursionswith Ibis Egypt Tours , enjoy our best Snorkeling tours in different islands like Giftun and Mahmya also  you will be able to explore the desert through amazing adventures , enjoy wonderful historical tours to explore Cairo , Luxor , Aswan , Edfu and Kom Ombo .

Giza Three Pyramids
Giza Three Pyramids

What about having an amazing trip to explore Cairo through El Gouna Tours , you will have the Opportunity to explore Giza Three Pyramids of King Cheops , Chephren and Mykeruinuse and had been built through the Old Kingdom as Royal tombs , get an amazing Photos with the mighty Statue ( The Sphinx ) which consist of human head and lion body in an amazing harmony then you will have the chance to explore the Egyptian art through many Valuable masterpieces through visiting the Egyptian Museum which Contains about 120,000 masterpiece dates to Pharaoh , Greek , Roman ,Coptic and Islamic Period , explore the golden mash through visiting Tutankhamun Treasures  .

Luxor Temple
Luxor Temple

Enjoy having best El Gouna Excursions you will have the Chance to explore Luxor Site , enjoy visiting Luxor Temple which had been built through The New Kingdom and linked to Karnak Temple with the Sphinx avenue then you will visit Karnak Temple which consists of 10 Pylons and an amazing Hypostyle Hall which consist of 134 Column ,  then enjoy exploring The Valley of the Kings which Consist of 62 royal tombs for the kings of the new kingdom , then explore The Colossi of Memnon and Hatshepsut Temple which locates at El Deir El Bahari and Contains important decorations for the divine birth of Queen Hatshepsut and decorations for The journey of Punt .

The Underwater Life
The Underwater Life

Unleash yourself through many Things to do in El Gouna , you will be able to explore the underwater world through wonderful Snorkeling tours , you will have the chance to touch the real beauty through an amazing Snorkeling tours , enjoy trying Snorkeling in Giftun Island or Mahmya Island Where you will have the Chance to amuse your eyes with wonderful landscapes for this magic and awesome world , you will discover many beautiful types of the wonderful Colorful Fish , also enjoy watching the wonderful and Fantastic Coral Reefs .

Quad Bike Safari Tours
Quad Bike Safari Tours

Enjoy El Gouna Day Trips to have an amazing adventure to explore the desert , you will have the Chance to enjoy riding Quad Bike or Camels , also you will enjoy unforgettable landscapes for the Sunset or Sunrise , also you will be able to explore a bedouin Village and enjoy having an amazing barbeque , get the chance and enjoy one of our Safari tours from El Gouna to build a wonderful memory . also you have the chance to have an amazing Submarine to explore the hidden secrets of the Underwater world which full of wonderful Colorful Fish  and Coral Reefs .

There are many Tours through El Gouna Excursions  :

  • Luxor Tours From El Gouna By Car
  • 4 Days Nile Cruise Trips From El Gouna
  • 2 Days Cairo And Luxor Tours From El Gouna
  • Desert Safari Tours By Jeep From El Gouna
  • Alf Leila Wa Leila Tours From El Gouna

If you interested in El Gouna Excursions  Kindly send us on info@ibisegypttours.com
For more Egypt Excursions 
Website  : www.ibisegypttours.com

Yasmin Saied
Ibis Egypt Tours


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