Safaga Shore Excursions

Safaga Shore Excursions
Safaga Shore Excursions

Enjoy having unique excursions through Safaga Shore Excursions Which Contains wonderful Collection of interesting tours to explore Egypt attractions from Safaga Which locates on the coast of the Red Sea , through this part you will be able to have best wonderful historical tours to explore Luxor Site Which considers as world’s greatest open-air museum ,enjoy having  a wonderful Tours from Safaga Port  
to Spend an amazing Vacation for fun , entertainment  and relaxation through Hurghada beach to escape from hard work and noisy days  .

Hurghada Vacation
Hurghada Vacation

Break the routine ,Prepare your baggages and take your Ship to Safaga to Start wonderful Excursions from Safaga Port , you will have the Opportunity to Spend an amazing time for fun , enjoy Spending unforgettable time in Sunny and Sandy beach and unleash yourself with listening to waves sound .
try water activities in the Red Sea Such as Swimming , diving and Snorkeling in Pure blue water to touch
real beauty through wonderful landscapes full of life and nature .

Gain a wonderful and Valuable experience about Egypt through bestSafaga Shore Excursions to  explore Luxor site through wonderful historical tours , enjoy visiting Luxor Temple which known in the Egyptian language as (Ipet Resyt ) the southern sanctuary and had been built by Amenhotep III , then  prepare yourself for wonderful tour to explore Karnak Temples which dedicated to Amoun Ra  and  Contains 10 Pylons where you will have the chance to explore The great Hypostyle Hall which includes  about 134 Column in different high which give a Panoramic View .

Hatshepsut Temple
Hatshepsut Temple

Enjoy Safaga Tours to having an amazing tour to explore the west bank of Luxor , you will have the chance to explore Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahari where you will amuse your eyes with wonderful decorations for  Punt journey of Hatshepsut and the myth of divine birth of the queen then enjoy visiting Colossi of Memnon the huge two temples then prepare yourself to explore Valley of the Kings which was a necropolis for Kings of the New Kingdom .

Sindbad Submarine Tours
Sindbad Submarine Tours

Enjoy an amazing trip to touch the beauty through best Tours from Safaga Port to explore the hidden Secrets of the Red Sea through a nice Submarine tours from Safaga Port , take the decision and try this magic Submarine to explore Charm and beauty of the Red Sea , you will have the Chance to Spend an amazing time to explore the Underwater world , amuse your eyes with watching wonderful landscapes for beautiful Coral Reefs and many kinds of Colorful Fish .

There are many tours through Safaga Shore Excursions Such as :

  • Luxor Tours From Safaga Port
  • Hurghada Snorkeling Trip From Safaga Port
  • Overnight Tours To Luxor From Safaga Port
  • Hurghada Submarine Tour From Safaga Port
If you interested in Safaga Shore Excursions  Kindly send us on
Yasmin Saied 
Ibis Egypt Tours 

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