Egypt Spiritual Tours

Egypt Spiritual Tours
Egypt Spiritual Tours

What about trying Spiritual Tours to Egypt to get a wonderful experience about meditation in the land of  history ? have the Chance and try best Egypt Spiritual Tours with Ibis Egypt Tours through wonderful Packages to discover the healing energies through wonderful excursions to Cairo , Saqqara Dahsure
Aswan and Luxor .also you have the Chance to relax in Dahab which locates on the southeast coast of  Sinai which considers as one of the most magic Cities in Egypt which suitable for meditation .

Meditation in The King Chamber
Meditation in The King Chamber

Unleash your Soul with wonderful Egypt Spiritual Tours to Cairo where you will be able to refresh    your mind and your soul through amazing spiritual trips in most important Landmarks in Cairo which is    Giza Three Pyramids where you will enjoy meditation in the great Pyramid which belongs to The King Cheops through entering inside the Pyramid , enjoy healing power through The burial Chamber of the king  in the Pyramid , then Continue meditations through having  Spirituals Trips beside The Sphinx , also you will be able to gain a wonderful experience about Egyptian history through Visiting The Egyptian Museum which includes about 120,000 Valuable masterpieces , also you have an amazing trips to explore Old Cairo through visiting Salah El Dein Citadel and The wonderful Alabaster Mosque of Mohamed Ali Basha .then enjoy exploring The Hanging Church , Ibn Serga Church and Beni Ezra Synagogue .

Karnak Temple
Karnak Temple

Enjoy Meditation in Egypt   through abnormal tours to explore Luxor Site where you will have the Chance to enjoy Visiting many monuments such as Karnak Temples of Amoun Ra which Consist of 10 Pylons , have the Chance and explore healing Power to refresh your Soul  through walking through seven doors of Sekhmet Temple , also through our Egypt Spiritual Journey in Luxor , you will be able to Visit Luxor Temple which dedicated to Triad of Thebes Where enjoy an abnormal meditation in through this wonderful temple .

Dendra Temple
Dendra Temple

Enjoy Spiritual Travel Tours to explore Dendera and Abydos Temples through an amazing  Package which isEgypt Meditation Package which offers you a wonderful trip to explore the Last     Temple had been built  in Egypt which is Dendera Temple which had been built through the Roman Period for Hathor the goddess of joy ,love and Motherhood .also you will have the Chance to explore Abydos where the Pharaoh thought that the god Osiris who was the First one his body was been mummified who was in a Conflict with his brother Seth the god of evil .

Gain an amazing experience about history through wonderful tours to explore Aswan through best Egypt Spiritual Travel , enjoy visiting the great High Dam which had been built in 1960 to protect Egypt from Flood and drought , Philae Temple of the goddess Isis then you will visit The Unfinished Obelisk which ordered to build by the Queen Hatshepsut .

There many tours through Egypt Spiritual Tours such as :

  • Egypt Meditation Package
  • Meditation Tours To Cairo And Luxor
  • Meditation Tour To Cairo, Nile Cruise And Dahab
If you interested in Egypt Spiritual Tours Kindly send us on
Yasmin Saied
Ibis Egypt Tours  

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