Egypt Cheap Tours Packages

Egypt Cheap Tours Packages
Egypt Cheap Tours Packages

Enjoy exploring Egypt Treasures through Egypt Cheap Tours Packages with Ibis Egypt Tours which offers you wonderful Package of Cheap Egypt Tours to explore the beauty and Charm of Hurghada .
also you have the chance to explore Cairo , Luxor , Aswan and Abu Simbel through wonderful tours to fill your soul with history and Culture of Egypt the Owner of history

Philae Temple
Philae Temple

Enjoy an amazing Egypt Cheap Tours Packages  to explore Aswan attraction , enjoy visiting The High Dam which built in 1960 to Protect Egypt from flood and drought , also enjoy visiting The Unfinished Obelisk of Hatshepsut which still in the Location of building till now cause the workers didn’t finish the Project because the Cracks appeared in the Obelisk .
enjoy Egypt Budget Tours through wonderful trip to The great Roman Temple which Called ( Philae Temple ) and dedicated to the Pharaoah goddess Isis the mother of the falcon god Hours .

Edfu Temple
Edfu Temple

Gain a wonderful experience through our Egypt Cheap Tours Packages which offers you a wonderful trip to visit Kom Ombo and Edfu  through wonderful Nile Cruise sailing between Luxor and Aswan ,  after exploring Aswan  Sightseeing enjoy Sailing to Kom Ombo where enjoy Visiting Kom Ombo Temple The double Shared Temple which dedicated to Crocodile god Sobek and Falcon god  Hours The Elder , then Continue sailing to Edfu to visit Edfu Temple of Hours which Consider as the Second huge temple after Karnak Temple in Luxor .

Karnak Temple
Karnak Temple

Don’t miss the chance to enjoy wonderful Egypt Cheap Tours Packages to explore Luxor , you will have the chance to explore Luxor Sightseeing through our Egypt Budget Tours .
enjoy Visiting Luxor Temple which was famous by  Hep Sed festival and dedicated to the triad of Thebes , then Prepare yourself for an amazing trip to visit the most huge temple(  Karnak Temple ) which dedicated to the main god Amoun-Ra where enjoy entering to the Hypostyle Hall which includes  about 134 Column in different two high  .enjoy West bank monuments through an amazing trip to Hatchepsut Temple which contains a myth of the divine birth of Hatshepsut , also enjoy visiting The Valley of the kings which was a royal necropolis for kings of the New Kingdom .  from Luxor you have the Chance to have a wonderful Cheap Holidays to Egypt in Hurghada to take a break from hard work days and to relax in Sunny and Sandy beach and to discover the secrets of the Underwater activities through watching a wonderful and beautiful Coral Reefs and Colorful fish

Abu Simbel Temple
Abu Simbel Temple

Try Egypt Cheap Tours Packages to have a wonderful tour to explore Abu Simbel Temples the huge two rocks Temple which had been Carved in the Stone and had been moved to higher Position during building  of  the High Dam , enjoy visiting the Huge Temple of Ramses II , amuse your eyes with wonderful decorations for Kadesh Battle of Ramses II and enjoy entering to the Sanctuary which Contains 3 Statue for the gods and one for Ramses II , enjoy Budget Tour to Egypt through Visiting The Small Temple Of Abu Simbel which was ordered to built by Ramses II to his main wife and dedicated to the goddess of Love and motherhood Hathor .

There are many tours through Egypt Cheap Tours Packages Such as :

  • Cheap Cairo Tours
  • Cheap Tours To Cairo And Luxor
  • Cheap Tours To Cairo And Hurghada
  • Cairo, Luxor And Hurghada Cheap Tours
  • Cairo And Nile Cruise Budget Tours Packages
  • Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel And Luxor Cheap Tours
If you interested inEgypt Cheap Tours Packages Kindly send us on
Yasmin Saied
Ibis Egypt Tours 

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