New year Holidays

New year Holidays
New year Holidays

What about celebrating the next Christmas holidays in Egypt to try a new type of celebration ?
you will be wonder about what you will face and see in Egypt , you will find many Christmas holidays with Ibis Egypt Tours so have the chance and come to Egypt and spend a memorable holiday . you will have the chance to explore Cairo where you will visit Giza Three Pyramids and The Egyptian Museum , also you can try a wonderful Nile Cruise to explore Luxor , Edfu , Kom Ombo and Aswan .

New Year Travel Packages
New Year Travel Packages

Through New year Deals , you will have the chance to explore Cairo where you will visit Giza Three Pyramids of Cheops , Chephren and  Mykerinus where you will take a memorable photo to not forget Egypt and your Holiday also you will visit The Sphinx which Consist of Human head and lion body , prepare yourself to explore Saqqara Pyramid of Zoser which Consists of Six Steps , also you will have the chance to explore the most famous museum (The Egyptian Museum ) where you will amuse your eyes with wonderful masterpiece through visiting  Tutankhamoun Treasures also you will increase a new knowledge about the Child King Tutankhamoun also amuse your eyes with Chephren Statue which show the king sitting and protected with the Falcon , enjoy watching Narmer Stela which show the unity of Egypt .

Hatchepsut Temple
Hatchepsut Temple

Gain a new valuable experience about the treasures of Egypt through a wonderful Nile Cruise sailing between Luxor and Aswan which helps you to explore Luxor , enjoy a wonderful New Year Travel Packages  and prepare yourself for abnormal excursions , you will visit Luxor Temple which dedicated to the triad of Egypt Amoun , Isis and Hours where the hep sed festival was being taken place , then stare between the Pylons of Karnak Temple , where you will be wonder with decorations of the Pylons , this amazing temple was dedicated to Amoun Ra the main god of Egypt and his Cult was in Thebes .in west bamk you will visit valley of the Kings and Hatchepsut Temple at El deir El Bahari

Edfu Temple
Edfu Temple

Explore the more with Ibis Egypt Tours through your nice Nile Cruis through Christmas Tours and explore Edfu where you have the Cance to amuse your eyes with amazing trip to Edfu Temple which dedicated to Hours the son of Isis and Osiris  ,enjoy a wonderful trip to explore this huge temple which considers as the second huge temple after Karnak Temple . enjoy sailing to Kom Ombo where you will visit Kom Ombo Temple the beautiful double shared temple of  Sobek the Crocodile god and Hours the Elder the Falcon god .

Philae Temple
Philae Temple

Enjoy wonderful tour to explore Aswan attractions through Egypt Christmas Holiday , enjoy visiting High Dam which had been built in 1960 to protect Egypt from the flood and drought then visit The Unfinished Obelisk which ordered to build by Hatchepsut the powerful queen of the new kingdom then enjoy Visiting the Roman Temple which dedicated to Isis mother of Hours ( Philae Temple )

There are wonderful tours through New year Holidays such as :

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  • Nile Cruise Tours In New Year
  • Cairo And Nile Cruise New Year Offer
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